5 Interesting facts about Porto City

You will fall in love instantly: this city has it all, from the romantic air to the majestic monuments, from cobble-stone streets to the cosmopolitan atmosphere, from tourists to lovers strolling along the most beautiful parks. Today, let’s look into 5 Interesting facts about Porto City.

1. Renowned for its bridges, Porto is the only European city with 6 bridges over the deep waters of the River Douro. Its valley is the prosperous place where the sweet famous homonymous wine is produced. The one who designed The Maria Pia Bridge is Gustave Eiffel, the famous creator of the symbolic Parisian tower. This happened in 1877.

2. Apart from the famous Port Wine, the Invincible city of Oporto also produces and exports cork, fruits, olive oil, textiles and silks. Porto is the second most prominent city in Portugal, after Lisbon, and is renowned as a prosperous port and industrial center.

3. The traditional local dish is “Tripas a Moda do Porto”. Legend has it that, in the 15th century, the people in the city sustained the military with all their food, keeping only the tripe. This also earned them the name ‘Tripeiros’ – the tripe eaters.

4. The center of Porto city was listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1996. The city is among the oldest in Europe; the first settlers came here during the Bronze Age, 8 centuries BC.

5. The most symbolic landmark of Porto is the baroque tower Torre dos Clerigos. The Bridges and the 1865 Crystal Palace with its beautiful gardens are also among the sites you can’t possibly miss. Oporto is also an universitary city, being home to several centers of higher educations, as well as museums and galleries.

When you are in Porto, you can book a Porto tour to have the opportunity to enjoy all that the city has to offer.