The Teatro Nacional Sao Joao in Porto offers high culture at low costs in 2015

Dearest friends, welcome to this online tour of Porto City, the unconquered ancient city, the economic hub and the industrial wonder and pride of Northern Portugal!

When deciding to visit Porto, you should decide what tourist attractions and key destinations you want to see most, because the city is simply so big and fascinating that one can easily get sidetracked. So our suggestion is to invite you on tour of Porto. Let’s take the most interesting aspects of Porto and thoroughly talk about them all, as we discover a purely Portuguese experience together.

For the new year, you should know that high class and entertainment as well are marks of Oporto. The Teatro Nacional Sao Joao in Porto offers high culture at low costs in 2015.

The history of The Teatro Nacional Sao Joao in Porto goes back to the year 1992, when it was bought by the Portuguese state and launched under the direction of Eduardo Paz Barroso. With a mixed repertoire consisting of both musicals and theatre, the theatre started to gain more and more popularity, as it staged outstanding productions, such as Romanian director’s Silviu Purcarete’s 1994 version of “The Tempest” by Shakespeare.

In recent years, the Theatre of Porto hosts many exhibitions and various events and lectures apart from quality theatrical productions that include the works of modern and classic playwrights, but also Operas.

For the coming trimestre, The Teatro Nacional Sao Joao has included various premieres, among which Jean-Pierre Sarrazac’s “O fim das possibilidades” and “O que é que o pai não te contou da guerra?” by Fernando Giestas. To make things even better, the prices for entry tickets have been lowered, so high culture has become yet more accessible to the large public.

If you are in Porto, a Porto taxi transfer from your destination to the theater in the city center is the best way to travel.