1001 nights in the mesmerizing city of Porto

And suddenly the city of Porto was created out of the wealth and fervor of this blessed soil…Porto, a historical and vivid location, set on the northern bank of the Douro River, is the second biggest city in Portugal, after Lisbon, blooming season after season, enriching the passers’ souls and minds. This facinating changing ability of the city is due to the enthralling mixture of Romanesque and Gothic architecture woven with the Art Nouveau movement. Continue reading “1001 nights in the mesmerizing city of Porto”

Join the Porto Marathon this November!

An outstanding cultural, economic and industrial center, Porto is the capital city and the “invincible city” of Northern Portugal. It is a place of great effervescence and enthusiasm. Join the Porto Marathon this November! Here is an advice if you want to feel alive in Portugal this late-autumn!

November is not a bad month for traveling, though the weather seems a bit unappealing and after the summer holidays are long lost and forgotten, we’ve already settled comfortably into the monotonous routine of “all work and no fun”. But on the other hand, for all those who know the importance of traveling smart, there is a low cost travel option available… in November! Tickets and services for most anything are by at least 30% cheaper in November, so it’s actually a good time to take a few days off. Continue reading “Join the Porto Marathon this November!”

The best events in Porto this June 2016!

The time has come to talk about the best events in Porto this June 2016! We like to be active and pro-active all the time, so as the month of May is slowly drawing to an end, we are all eager to welcome the first days of summer in our very own favorite town: Oporto, the center of the thriving and sunny Northern Portugal. Continue reading “The best events in Porto this June 2016!”

A literary moment in Porto

What better thing to do on a rainy day that enjoy a literary moment in Porto? We’ll teach you how and where in a moment!

November is here and winter is coming, even in sunny, happy Portugal, so we need a backup plan for rainy, cold (or well, coldish) days. Do you know what I like to do on such days? Well, if I can, I sleep late. Continue reading “A literary moment in Porto”

Top 5 Reasons why you should move to Porto

Relocating to another country, for whatever reason, can be a bit of a challenge, but it is also an adventure, an opportunity, an aspiration to change your life. After the economic crisis particularly, many Westerners have decided to move “someplace warm and beautiful”. Portugal definitely makes the top of their list, so here are the Top 10 Reasons why you should move to Porto. Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons why you should move to Porto”

Summer 2015 events in Porto

Full of life, full of liveliness: this is the definition that best describes the capital of the region of Northern Portugal, the prosperous industrial region of Oporto. With warm sunny weather goading us to come out and live it, let’s take a moment to review the Summer 2015 events in Porto! Continue reading “Summer 2015 events in Porto”

Organizing a Porto bus transfer

Whenever you plan a trip throughout Portugal, there is a great city you cannot ignore: the proud and rich Oporto, home to universities and museums, companies and the vast welcoming Douro river. Organizing a Porto bus transfer is an important aspect if you are an event or trip planner and you have to manage large groups of people. Continue reading “Organizing a Porto bus transfer”

5 Interesting facts about Porto City

You will fall in love instantly: this city has it all, from the romantic air to the majestic monuments, from cobble-stone streets to the cosmopolitan atmosphere, from tourists to lovers strolling along the most beautiful parks. Today, let’s look into 5 Interesting facts about Porto City. Continue reading “5 Interesting facts about Porto City”