Discover Portugal’s top 5 hidden jewels!

  1. Leça da Palmeira
    The village of Leça da Palmeira is situated in the Matosinhos municipality near to Porto. Its locals have given it an amazing name, nothing less than Portugal’s “most beautiful land”.
    The Atlantic is very close to this “small” city, that’s why it’s quite impossible to discuss it without bringing up its stunning coastline, which is lined with white sand beaches.
    The Port of Leixoes, one of Portugal’s major seaports, is located in this town, which has a long history of being a fishing port.
    Despite the wind gusts that frequently hit it, it was a veritable paradise and nowadays it’s the go-to place for those who want to see the least visited regions of the country next door.
  2. Fortress of Almeida
    The Fortress of Almeida, which is only seven kilometers from the Spanish border, was first a stronghold constructed in the 14th century overlooking the River Coa, which forms the natural border between the two countries.
    The name of the town, al-Ma’ida, is derived from the Arabic term for “the table,” reflecting its position upon a high point. Since then, as the town of Almeida has been subjugated and reclaimed, the castle’s structure has seen significant modification. It has been enlarged, demolished, and reconstructed.
    The town holds the historical reenactment of the Siege of Almeida over the final weekend in August. The three-day recreation includes conflicts that are followed by mixing the locals and the soldiers from Portugal, France, Spain and the United Kingdom. Both participation and watching are worthwhile.
  3. Serra da Estrela
    The highest peak in Torre, Serra da Estrela, is 1,993 meters and it’s a place of remarkable natural beauty. Take advantage of these chances to immerse yourself in nature and observe it, focusing to the many animals, birds, or flocks of sheep being led by Sierra breed dogs.
    This natural region is fantastic for hiking, biking and equestrian riding. The approximately 375 kilometers of trails that have been plotted out on the ground with varied degrees of difficulty will certainly have a track suitable for every person’s physical capabilities.
    The most famous product of the region, Queijo do Serra, or “cheese from the mountains”, must be tried if you want to regenerate your energy. It feels buttery and pairs wonderfully with ordinary bread.
  4. Praia Fluvial de Loriga
    If you decide to have a great time during a lovely summer day and want to do something that will put you in touch with nature, Praia Fluvial de Loriga is the perfect option. It’s situated near the old, still-existing glacier in the wide valley in the Serra da Estrela Natural Park- where the nascente is on the plateau of the mountains is Banhada pela ribeira de Loriga, which is widely recognized for its chilly, clear waters.
    Incredible natural beauty can be found here and rugged relays that offer the area a beautiful landscape value are still visible as remnants.
    Some activities, like using trails or participating in outdoor sports, are permitted by these remnants.
  5. Praia do Norte
    Praia do Norte is an unattended beach that is situated to the north of the massive Nazaré Promontory, also referred to as “Stio.” Due to the dunes that have preserved the native vegetation, it has the feel of a wild beach.
    Swimmers should avoid the choppy water, but surfers love it because of the amazing waves they can catch there. The Hawaiian Garrett McNamara rode one of these waves in November 2011, and it received a nomination for “Biggest wave” at the 2011 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards.
    The Nazaré canyon, the largest underwater gorge in Europe with a length of 200 km and a maximum depth of 5,000 m, is located nearby and helps to explain why such large waves originate in this area.

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