Enjoy the most fascinating locations in Porto!

  1. Foz do Douro
    In Porto, Foz is essentially a separate city. In the nineteenth century, it was a popular seaside vacation spot for British tourists and wealthy Porto residents.
    Many blue-flagged beaches, coastal outdoor or simply lounging in the sun while admiring the Atlantic Ocean vistas along the Avenida do Brasil are the main draws for visitors these days. Nearby are the Felgueiras lighthouse, the Queijo Fort, the Molhe Breakwater, the Passeio Alegre Fountain and Old Foz, a charming old fashioned part of the district.
    There are some great restaurants in this region. Try a burger or Casa Vasco, Cafeína, the chef Pedro Lemos’s name restaurant for a special delight!
  2. Crystal Palace Gardens
    If all you find when you Google this park is a bunch of fiberglass dinosaurs, you’re not at the correct Crystal Palace.
    These gardens are a little more exotic than anything found in London, even though there aren’t many prehistoric models. Thanks to German landscape architect Emile David, this lush paradise features a network of walkways, tree-lined ponds, sculptured topiary and a massive domed pavilion.
    It also has a view of the Douro River- the hike up there is well worth it!
  3. Mares Swimming Pool
    The advantages of swimming in saltwater are numerous, but even the most committed wild swimmer will attest to the difficulty (and potential risk) of covering a reasonable distance in the open ocean.
    At Marés Pool, you can enjoy the serenity and elegance of a delectable lido along with all the health benefits of an outdoor saltwater swim. After taking a few good laps in the pool to ease your sore muscles, head to the nearby rocks to take in the breathtaking sea vistas surrounding the amazing design of Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza Vieira.
    It’s an unforgettable and unique experience!
  4. Miradouro da Vitoria
    You can take a stroll to Miradouro da Vitória for a stunning view over the entire city. This is a tough trek up via tight streets, but the effort is well worth it in the end.
    This vantage point was initially constructed to help the local soldiers protect the city during the Porto Siege. You can see the Luis I bridge and the Douro from Miradouro da Vitória.
    When you first arrive, the building doesn’t look like much, yet beyond the run-down structure lies a pleasant viewpoint. You should not miss it!
  5. Immersivus Gallery
    The Immersivus Gallery’s rotating exhibitions are held in the former cellars of the customs building, which is a designated venue.
    Some of Porto’s tales are retold through the use of specially created multimedia projections, but there are also occasionally scheduled presentations concerning other topics, like Egypt. The shows are available in English, happen multiple times a day, and are undoubtedly a unique experience.
    For those of all ages, the Porto Legends show is an entertaining remarkable event!

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