Parks and museums in Porto

The superb city of Porto is most definitely not all about its booming industry. It is that, but it also asserts its place as a place of culture. The many parks and museums in Porto bare witness to this fact, and this is what we suggest we talk about in this new post!

The most beautiful Parks in Porto

A pavillion garden of extreme beauty, providing breathtaking views over the Douro River, the Crystal Palace Gardens is the probably the most representative green space of Porto. In a veritable meandre of alleys, the Crystal Palace Gardens offers a delightful outing into a wonderful corner of nature and fantasy, with exotic plants surrounding the area and animals roaming around in peace.

The Porto Botanical Garden was created in 1951 and is housed in a historical manor. It also features a greenhouse and features the most diverse and beautiful plant species in the country.

The Cordoaria Garden and the Nova Sintra Park also offers you the chance of both recreation and further exploring the nearby attractions of the city.

A few fascinating Porto Museums

As a place of culture, Porto city provides cultural delight in many museums and galleries.

The National Museum Soares dos Reis was opened in 1833, being the first national museum and one of the oldest in Portugal. It features artwork created by the most famous Portuguese artists in a patrimony including not only paintings, but also glassware, ceramics, jewels and furniture.

Port wine is a national symbol and the people here celebrate it with their Port Wine Museum. The Tram Museum celebrates another trademark of the city. Trams have been around in the city since the 19th century, and people love them.

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