Summer 2015 events in Porto

Full of life, full of liveliness: this is the definition that best describes the capital of the region of Northern Portugal, the prosperous industrial region of Oporto. With warm sunny weather goading us to come out and live it, let’s take a moment to review the Summer 2015 events in Porto!

June, the first month of summer, brings about the greatest event in the city, the Sao Joao Festival, scheduled for June 23rd 2015. This syncretic festival attracts thousands of people from all corners of Portugal, as well as foreigners, all invited to join in the fun, dance to the music, take a bite of a juicy street barbecue and watch an awesome display of fireworks! A word of caution, though: don’t forget to take your sense of humour with you, since there is a possibility that there will be people hitting each-other over the head with hammers (albeit plastic ones)! So don’t get too cross if that happens to you too – think of it as a sign of friendship.

The Sao Joao Festival quickly “spreads” throughout the entire Porto, from the old town center to Vila Nova de Gaia and the banks of the river Douro, so there’s no way you can miss it!

If you like vintage Formula One racing, how about a trip to Porto this summer for the Grande Premio de Porto? The date is still to be confirmed, but the circuit will be staged at the Boavista circuit.

As for contemporary art, since 2004, the Serralves Festival has been the country’s leading cultural event of the genre, featuring theatre, film, dance and music.

So here you have it: there are plenty of reasons why you definitely must come to Porto in Portugal this summer. And as for transport, don’t forget to prepare for your trip by booking a Porto airport transfer online.