February 2015, the month of love in Porto

Dear friends, we are glad to welcome you back on our blog and website and in repayment, we are happy to show you the best ways to travel here in February 2015, the month of love in Porto.

In certain parts of the world, February is just another endless month of winter, with cold showers or heavy snows, with flu and depression. But in Portugal, February already starts the journey back to summer and to the beloved sun.

To celebrate this, people in Porto have a list of events and activities they are all too willing to invite you to take part in as well. As a cultural center in Portugal, the Unconquered City of Porto hosts countless fairs and conferences. For instance, between February 4th and 6th, the University of Porto is proud to present the International Conference on Exploring Service Science.

NanoPT, another science event, is also going to be hosted by Porto between 11th and 13th of February.

The end of February (namely from Feb 27th to March 7th) will mark the days of the independent film, as people gather for the Fatasporto Festival, which has come to its 35th edition.

But there are also other reasons to travel to Porto this February, and lovers have the day of February 14th, Valentine’s Day, marked on their calendar. Porto is a very romantic town, having all the ingredients necessary to impress your loved one and open their eyes to your gentle love. You can, for instance, invite them to enjoy a glass of wine in a restaurant or take a walk by the Dom Luis Bridge. You can also visit the Soares dos Reis Museum, the Casa da Musica or explore the Crystal Palace Gardens.

If you want, you can book a Porto tour online and see the whole beautiful city in a romantic light!