Quick fun facts about golf

For most of us, golf is just a rather pretentious, static activity practiced primarily by retired millionaires too complacent to do anything else but toss a small white ball along from one hole to another with a metal stick. But here are a few quick fun facts about golf that might make you reevaluate your view at least a tad.

Historically speaking… actually we are not quite sure when and where golf first happened to appear. But if someone is to take the credit, it’s the Scots. They were playing a medieval variant of the game as early as the 15th century and it was back then that in their travels, Scottish merchants brought it to Holland. The Dutch called it “kolf’.

The sport has something… regal about it. No wonder the Brits also adopted it golf rather willingly. Its English name is palle maille. (And now guess where the famous Pall Mall street in London got its name, Sherlock?) Cricket, another trademark English sport, also evolved from golf.

Those practicing this sport will tell you golf is all about concentration, planning, intelligence and hip moves. It’s a true art and there are a few technicalities that might amuse you. For instance, balls apparently travel much faster on hot days.

Did you know golf was played on the Moon? Well, it was: on February 6th 1967, Alan Bartlett “Al” Shepard, Jr. did a one-handed swing thus conquering the low gravity of the selenar atmosphere.

Golf balls were originally made of feathers and leather.

And another important fact: Portugal is one of the main golfing centers. The Algarve is one hot spot, but there are also very competitive courses around Porto city. Amarante, Miramar and Quinta do Fojo ring a bell for those who play golf. If you need a Porto golf transfer, you can also book online!